"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, November 12


Homemade Pizza Topped with Tomato, Spinach, Jalapeño, Mexican Cheese, Oregano and Pepperoni Triangles

Mmmmmmm. The crust was REALLY crispy thanks to a little EVOO and a long bake. We had quite a time getting the dough shaped though and found that using a rolling pin was the best way to evenly spread the dough (but we found this out after quite a few failed attempts to spread it out by hand). Not sure why it was so hard this time, as we've made plenty of pizza dough! NOTE: Pizza was really much smaller than it appears! That is a 10" plate, I think, so it was probably like 8" in diameter?

It wasn't as good as this one from September, despite having twice the cheese!!! But it was good :)

Side salad - spinach, cuc, pom, and balsamic vinegar, aged 10 years of course :)

All together for 546 calories:

Quite a lot of calories for not a very filling dinner! I'll get over it.

Total Monday calories: 1750

-532 from workout and walk

= net of 1222!! Right on target (I took out the borrowed 80 calories because I didn't need them).

I might have another warm milk, but I'm off to take an Epsom Salt bath and then read in bed!! I should be studying nutrition, but that can wait - I do have a 100+ average in the class :)


Elle said...

Hi Kath! That pizza looks GOOD.

Loved the quasi-shout out ;). I ordered Fit from Within to read over winter break...can't wait (just have to get through finals first)!

Kath said...

Cool! You might be able to read it a bit at a time because each chapter is literally like 1-2 pages. It would be easy to read 1 per night or per morning. But I remember the days of cramming all my "good" books into 3 weeks over Xmas :)