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Wednesday, September 5

Homemade Pizza Night!!!

Wow, just had the most delicious homemade pizza!! But more on that later.

After my boredom post (well, 10 minutes after :) ) I had a plum and a Kashi granola bar. It killed the "hunger" until I left the office at 5:

I came home to find the husband putting the finishing touches on homemade ravioli. Whole wheat dough, filled with ground lean pork, dates and Roquefort cheese. Heavenly! Here they are all on a baking sheet halfway frozen. We'll cook them on Sunday night. Husband is between jobs and appears to have spent more time cooking than he did job searching today if you ask me, but how can I complain when I come home to gourmet food!?

He was also hard at work kneading pizza dough all day for our homemade pie. It turned out more heart shaped than circular because he grilled it and had a little trouble keeping its shape when transferring from counter to grill. But it was DEE-licious! I looooove dough (and all chewy bread) and this was pizza heaven:

Pizza was topped with:
  • Roma tomatoes and cremini mushrooms, roasted for about 10 minutes in the oven first
  • A few handfuls of basil from our garden
  • 1/2 a cup of low-fat mozzarella cheese
  • And some jalopeno slices on the husband's side
I was initially going to only have 1/3, but when the shape incident happened and I quickly calculated my calories for the day, I realized my afternoon snacking restraint left me with more than enough for half the pizza. It ended up being about 475 calories for half (we even weighed the flour in the dough to get a pretty close estimate).

I also had a side salad of romaine, squash, cucumber, bell pepper and some of our aged balsamic vinegar to add more bulk to dinner. So for a total of around 500 calories, this was quite a good meal!

So there you have it folks!!

I'm up to 1600 calories for the day, which leaves room for a little dessert. I might have more watermelon - or maybe some ginger cookies. It's quite sweaty in my computer chair, as we turned the AC off thinking fall had arrived, so I better get to a cooler location.

Until the morning....

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