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Tuesday, November 13

Wish It Were The Other "T" Day of the Week

Peanut Butter Walnut Banana Oatmeal

That would be Thursday. I am so ready for the weekend already!! Husband I and had a debate over when Thanksgiving is over breakfast. He swore it was 2 weeks away, but I know since I'm counting down the days that it's NEXT WEEK!!! YAY!! Speaking of Thanksgiving, he found an all-natural turkey on sale yesterday when he walked (15 minutes) to the grocery store for some pizza cheese. So he bought it and carried it home in his backpack! Poor guy!!

Preworkout Toast:

With apricot jam and Smart Balance:

Had a great workout this morning. Stairmaster, elliptical (twice) and a really good abs session. I used the ab roller - which my sister used to use back in the '90s - and found it be to really effective! I felt fit and firm at the gym this morning. Sweet! 415 calories burned.

Back to oatmeal - with banana, 10 grams PB, walnuts, brown sugar, and a little milk (copied the husband's technique to make it less gluteny). The best part about eating the PB on the spoon is how sloooooow I eat it. This bowl took me a good 12-15 minutes to finish!!

Coffee #1:

Felt like a second cup today: Coffee #2

All together for 441 calories + 105 for toast = 545 breakfast calories

As you can see, we ate in the dining room again for a more soothing start to the day. Candles lit, sunshine coming in. I have proclaimed this week "Anti-Stress Week" and am doing all I can do de-stress. Took an Epsom Salt bath last night, husband made my oatmeal while I showered this morning. And I even got a quick shoulder massage before work!! I married the best guy : )

I still feel kind of stressed - really I don't feel stressed but my shoulders just instantly have tension the second I get in my car to come to work - so we'll see how the rest of the week goes!

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Karen Downing said...

Your before and after photos are inspiring! You are going to look and feel great for Thanksgiving next week. Thanks for the encouragement.