"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, November 13

Simple Lunch.

Couldn't eat until 12:30 today due to an office tour, but that was OK because my oatmeal TOTALLY filled me up this morning! I was never really full but I was satisfied all morning. I had tea at 11:00 - because I was cold not hungry - and could barely finish it my body didn't want to be consuming anything!! But then right on cue at 12 my stomach rumbled. I was worried about not being able to eat until much later, so I had 3 almonds. Looking back, I probably didn't need them, but they didn't do any harm either! Probably more good than anything!

Tea (note the bee massager)


Had leftover prime rib on a sandwich for lunch. I normally don't really like red meat, but we have at least a pound STILL leftover, so I figured I should be economical and eat it rather than looking for un-opened protein sources. It actually turned out quite delicious! I had it with spinach and Sargento Chipotle cheese (YUM!) - look at it all melty in there after toasting!

Huge spinach salad with Pom and balsamic vinegar. Talk about a "throw together" lunch vegetable. If you like baby spinach and can handle just a little dressing, this is the perfect way tot get veggies at lunch. Just get a bag of baby spinach and stuff it in your lunch in a zip lock bag!


Cranberry sauce + yogurt:

All together for 520 calories:

It's like spring outside, so I took a 40 minute walk! Another 150 calories burned :)

Dinner tonight: Turkey Bean Chili!

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