"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, November 19

Thanksgiving Round I

It's judgment day folks! Time to see if I'm really an intuitive eater and can handle myself around dozens of homemade goodies at the Thanksgiving lunch day. Husband is preparing roasted root veggies for my contribution and bringing them up at 11:00. What a sweetheart. I've already logged most of my "entree" items and am only at 350 calories, so this might not be a killer lunch after all. Let's just see how I handle the desserts.....

Started the day with toast + PB....

Followed by 415 calories burned on the ET and some weight lifting. I bought two new stretch t-shirts at Target yesterday for sleeping/workout out and I LOVED wearing it to the gym. It was black and tight and I felt thin instead of frumpy in my too-large college shirts.

Had an oatmeal pancake today. I prepared the batter the night before using the rolled oats so it would be less runny and I'd have less to do in the AM. Worked like a charm! I added in some more baking powder right before I put it in the pan and whoops - I dumped in a good half teaspoon. The thing puffed up a ton, which I enjoyed. It was more like bread than a normal oat pancake! I forgot to add mashed banana to the batter, so it was a little dry, but I topped it with PB and banana, so deliciousness was still present.

No tea or coffee today! I wanted fruit on the side, but pineapple wasn't the most appealing side to the creamy pancake so I went with milk instead.

All together for 512 calories:

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