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Monday, November 19


I'd give myself a B+ on lunch today. Could have been better, but it also could have been much, much, MUCH worse!!! There was a ton of stuff that I didn't even try, and although I'm full, I'm no where close to being FULL, which I could have been. I'm perfectly satisfied, if just a little more full than normal.

Here's my plate - from L to R -
  • A few marinated veggies (green beans, snap peas)
  • Big helping of collard greens
  • Black beans and brown rice, ~1/2 cup?
  • My roasted root veggies, nibbled on these too so I'm guessing I had 6 oz total
  • The most heavenly, fattening buttery corn pudding ever (which I wouldn't have had so much of if I knew it was 350 calories per serving!)
  • 1 tbsp rice casserole
  • 1/4 cup baked mac and cheese
  • 1 oz turkey (I only had 2 pieces/bites)
  • Bite of a mini biscuit (not shown)

Pretty healthy!!! I certainly ate lots of healthy things, the corn pudding and mac and cheese being the exceptions. The corn pudding was made from Jiffy corn muffin mix, so I was able to find the recipe and calculate the nutritional info. It makes 8 servings at 350 calories each!! I'm guessing I had half a serving and leaving it at that.

I had more than I had planned. I even waited a while to go up to get some. It was delicious but so damn high in calorie!!

Clockwise starting at the 12:
  • Scrapings of pecan pie with 2 tbsp of Cool Whip (co-worker dolloped that on!)
  • Apple crumb cake - small piece
  • Sliver of oatmeal cookie fruit pizza, which was 300 calories per slice. I'm counting this as 1/3 a slice and crossing my fingers I'm accurate
  • More corn pudding. Drool.

So it looks like I was pretty good right? Try 914 calories for lunch, WRONG!!! Argh!! Really I'm just mad because I don't get to have a good dinner tonight : ( I'm bringing home leftovers, but I'm sad that my eating is basically done for the day. Maybe I can get in a walk before the sun sets.

However, if I ate 2,000 calories today, which is what all the "normal" calculators say I need to MAINTAIN my weight, height, and activity level, I'd be fine. I guess I should just give myself some wiggle room and not eat weight loss calories today. It's just hard because my body likes eating weight loss calories. It doesn't NEED more calories today. But I just want the fun of more food : (

Here's some more highlights from lunch:

Root veggies the husband brought for me <3

Food items:

More food:



Here's my calorie estimate logged in my food dairy:

1 oz Turkey: Light Meat, boneless, no skin, roasted45
1 serving, 2 cups (2.8 oz)Glory Foods: Vegetables, Fresh: Collard Greens25
0.15 piece Fresh Choice: Desserts: Cake, Southern Apple Crumble65
6 serving Roasted Veggies165
0.3 1 slice Oatmeal Cookie Cake98
0.5 serving Jiffy Corn Pudding155
1 serving, 1/2 cup (3.4 oz)Rice: Brown, medium-grain, cooked109
0.15 1/2 cup Low-Sodium Black Beans15
2 oz Canned Meals: Entrees, Macaroni & Cheese46
1 serving, 2 tablespoons (0.3 oz)Cool Whip: Cream: Whipped Topping, Regular25
1 oz Pies & Tarts: Pies, Pecan, prepared from recipe117
0.25 serving 1/2 cup (3.9 oz) Wegmans: Vegetables, Packaged: Sauteed Greens & Beans18
.2 biscuit Red Lobster: Sides: Lighthouse Menu, Cheddar Bay Biscuits32

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