"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, November 18

Sunday Recap

I'm feeling rather down today and I'm pretty sure hormones are to blame :( I can feel them racing around my bloodstream, and I wish I could make them go away! I had a good day though, and we got lots of stuff done, including my final project for Nutrition. All I have left is the final exam!

Had a leisurely breakfast of PB oatmeal and a Toffee Latte:

Breakfast calories: 472.

Was going to skip a workout today and just go for a long walk, but husband suggested a run around 11:00, so run we did. About 4.75 miles. 400 calories burned!


Had the most AMAZING lunch after our run. I was brainstorming what I craved most and decided I would have whatever that was.

Tuna salad?
PB + J?
Bean Sandwich?
Spinach salad?

Nothing was appealing. Then I thought about grilled cheese - and grilled cheese it was!!

Ezekiel Bread with 1 slice chipotle cheese, 1/8 cup shredded reduced-fat Italian, and some Smart Balance (~ 1 tsp?) on the bread for good flavor. We put it in a pan over medium heat and topped it with a few pots for a panini-style press.

Had it with Pacific Buttery Corn Soup. I LOVE this brand of soups. They are a little on the boring side by themselves, but they make the perfect base for a quick homemade soup. I chopped up some carrots, celery and broccoli, presto soup! You could easily just add pre-chopped frozen veggies too.

All together for 420 calories. I felt SO satisfied when I was done...

After lunch the mother-in-law stopped by with pecan pie. I had 1 good-sized bite and that was it (husband wolfed the rest down before I could even think about a second). Logged it for 60 calories! Yikes!! I'm well aware that pecan is the MOST DANGEROUS pie there is, but it's one of my favorites :(

After lunch I worked on my project, then we went to Target and World Market for some items. I was hungry when we left at 3:30 but decided I would live without food since I didn't feel like making a snack. But when we got home, I was sluggish with low blood sugar (or something!) and needed a snack. Vanilla tea with yogurt, cranberry, pom and fiber one for ~120 calories.

Dinner was good, but left us wanting more.

Salmon patty on a big white bun with spinach, avocado, dill and mustard.

Steamed broccoli that I did in the microwave for 3 minutes with a little water in the bottom of the bowl. It was the PERFECT doneness and SO quick and easy!

And rosemary oven-baked red potato "home fries" with ketchup:

All together for ~480 calories (thanks to that huge bun!)

Had a warmed jello pudding cup and chopped pineapple for dessert. And 2 bites of a chocolate-covered frozen banana (husband's). Last night I did have an oatmeal pancake but didn't get the photo up. ~125 calories.

Total Sunday calories: 1686

-450 from run and walking

= net of 1235.

I'm thinking of upping my net back to 1350 or 1400 after I get through Thanksgiving. Just seems like I've been eating so well that my body could use some more fuel. We'll see how the next week goes!

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Pot-Luck at my office. I know the menu since I've been the one in charge of coordinating the dishes, including like 10 desserts! My strategy is going to be:
  1. Skip the turkey since I'll be having it again this week (I'll probably just have 1 oz instead of the usual 3-4 oz serving)
  2. Fill up on the dishes that look homemade and worth it (the healthier ones, that is)
  3. To not eat anything store bought (I can eat that anytime!)
  4. Stick to two SMALL bites of dessert - whichever looks the best
  5. I'm also going to log it all before lunch rather than after - that always helps keep things in perspective.

I think I'll do well at the lunch, but the real question is: can I stay away from the leftovers all afternoon? We don't have dinner planned tomorrow to leave some wiggle room. I'm hoping to be a show off on my blog at how well I do, but we shall see!! Hold me to it ladies!

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