"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, November 10


Slept till 7:30 today - then had a leisurely morning with the husband, drinking coffee, eating oatmeal and watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel.

But the exciting news is that we're going to paint the dining room today!!! Husband is at Lowes right now buying paint and I'm cleaning the house. This will most likely be my "workout" today because the last time we painted it was pretty strenuous, but I may go for a run this afternoon. I'll post before and after photos when we're done!!

We got a new blueberry cobbler coffee to try. It smelled better than it tastes :(

Had PB oatmeal for breakfast - minus the walnuts to keep calories a little lower.

Look at my pretty bowl (another that my sis gave me!)

Breakfast calories: 367

Until lunch........

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