"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, November 10

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
  • Got lots of exercise yesterday - burned 757 calories thru workout and 2 walks
  • I had lots of fun with the husband
The Bad:
  • I'm guessing I had about 30 wine samples, which equaled about 3 glasses!! YIKES!!!
  • I'm not feeling my best today.....which makes me soooo annoyed.
  • I ate a few cubes of cheese and bruschetta toasts while at the event. I didn't need them!
A visual of how much wine I tasted:

The Ugly:
  • When we got home to make dinner, I had another small glass of wine - I totally did NOT need that!!
  • Once wine gets in my system, I want to eat everything in sight. After dinner I ate:
    • A slice of our new toast with PB and jelly
    • PB from the jar!!!!
    • 2 mini Hershey bars
    • 8 dark chocolate discs
    • A chocolate ice cream ball
    • Some pretzels!!
  • Went over calories by about 700. Ugggg.....

Roasted acorn squash and 2 oz leftover prime rib:

I think you could tell by my tone yesterday that I planned to sample more than 12 wines. Husband and I just love wine and they just kept saying "Oh, you have to try the La Crema Pinot - it's just fabulous" and I couldn't say no!!!

Yesterday's afternoon snack of oatmeal, milk, almonds and CIB:

Total Friday calories: ~2700!!!! Uggggggggg!

But the good news is it's over, and it wasn't a horrible outcome, and I'm back on track today.


Elle said...

Way to get back on track! You're great at quickly overcoming mini obstacles. And, while, wine may be your weakness, at least it's a very posh one ;). I wish wine was my weakness rather than cake!

Kath said...

OH BELIEVE ME - cake is a weakness too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know you'll be right back on track today...at least you got some good exercise in yesterday! :) Oh, and I know you shared your method with me of how you baked/simmered your apples to add to oatmeal...and I'm going to do that today or tomorrow...but I was wondering if you left the skins on or off? Let me know when you get a chance! -Meg-

Kath said...

Thanks for the support guys!!

Meg, I leave the skins on. I think the only foods I don't eat the skin on are bananas! I just think peeling things is a waste of time if the skin is edible. We've started eating our Acorn squash skin and I eat kiwi furry skin too!!! So, yes, leave them on. Unless you despise skin!

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for getting back to me, Kath! I hope the painting goes well today! -Meg-