"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, November 9

Comfort Foods!

As I mentioned at breakfast, husband met me for lunch and a walk. We went to the YMCA next to work for soup and sweet potatoes, but the menu diverged a little. I got full pretty quickly (probably from the soup) so I didn't even finish my rice + beans (see below) but now I'm feeling a little hungry after our walk. I guess I just need some water......wish I had a small piece of chocolate!

Lunch was super delicious:

Sweet potato (I logged as in-between a medium and large in CK ~128 calories?). Also added 1/2 a tsp of whipped butter to him!

Cup of vegetable soup, which didn't look good but was AMAZING!!! I think there was cinnamon in it?? I should have just gotten a bigger bowl of this!

And black eyed peas over rice. I asked her for a TINY bit of rice. She gave me about 3/4 a scoop, which I'm counting as 1/3 a cup, and that I ate 1/4 a cup's worth. I couldn't tell if it was white or brown rice, so I'm guessing white. She gave me too many beans but I didn't eat them all. 1 cup in the bowl and I ate 3/4? It's so hard to tell!! I added some hot sauce - yum!

Leftover beans and rice that the husband gladly gobbled down. I was getting pretty full but I could have EASILY eaten these. But I'm trying to stop when I'm at a 7 and not a 9 so GO ME!

All together with tea and melba toast that I didn't eat:

Lunch calories, including 3 fried okra: ~500. Seems kind of high for what I had, but I guess not??

We also got in a 40-minute walk and discussed our Thanksgiving menu!

Here's the husband's BBQ, creamed corn and okra, topped with hot sauce!

My experimental breakfast held me over quite well, but I did have tea at 10...

...and almonds at 11 to take the edge off my hunger. I wouldn't recommend almonds if you're starving (although anything usually helps!) but they are the PERFECT food to take the edge off hunger if you've got an hour or less till your next meal.

Tonight there's a wine event at the grocery store near our house. We went to the spring one and got pretty tipsy. I'm going with a different mentality tonight - 12 tastes, at .5 an oz each, should equal a "glass of wine" (yes, a large glass : ) ) I'm going to TRY to stop there. I'm dreading the event a little because I know I'm going to want to taste everything (and it's FRIDAY and I always want wine on Fridays!) but we'll see how my new attitude toward eating is. We are walking there and back, so that will be my THIRD workout of the day!!

We have a big acorn squash to grill when we get home and leftover roast beef from the catering event. I'm not wild about meats, but this one should be good, and I will eat mostly squash. We also have an open bottle of white wine the husband brought home too, so I REALLY hope I can keep my head on my shoulders and not let this turn into a winefest!

See you later!

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Elle said...

Oooh have fine at the wine event! And I agree that the new Thought of the Days are a great addition, and very inspiring!