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Wednesday, October 17

What's My Problem?

(Sorry for the late post - Blogger was broken for a while)

I've totally got the munchies today. Although oatmeal usually holds me until lunch, today I was starving at 10:45 and had some of my delicious trail mix. But I ate it fast and it tasted soooo good that I went back for more (just a little) and then MORE after lunch!

Lunch was boring today. It didn't excite me. Tomorrow's will be better with leftover tuna casserole, I hope!

Last of my salad ingredients: lettuce, zucchini, squash, pepper, 1 oz hummus, lemon-tahini dressing (which I am now sick of).

Spelt English muffin (the only good part of my lunch!). I topped it with a little Smucker's jam I found in the kitchen which I later discovered was 35 calories!! What a waste! I really liked the spelt muffin though.

Sliced apple with cinnamon.

Plain yogurt with flax.

Then I got in a wonderful 35-minute walk. The fresh air felt so nice and I switched up my route and didn't talk on my phone, so it felt kind of therapeutic. I might take another short one this afternoon.

I still feel "hungry." I'm not sure how I should interpret this feeling. I've been low on calories this week so perhaps my body is just a little worn out. But I feel bad just eating tons today with a big casserole coming tonight! But all the nutritional experts would tell me to listen to my body, so I guess I will do just that. After I chug some water and wait 20 minutes, which they would also tell me to do!

Total lunch calories: ~450

-130 on a walk

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Anonymous said...

I've been really hungry all day today, too! I am excited to see your tuna casserole...I've been looking for a "healthy" version and haven't found anything worthwhile yet...so I hope your's works out! -Meggers-