"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, October 9

Was under the weather this morning with a monthly migraine so I stayed home from work. Worked from home most of the afternoon, though, which was nice.

And I ate SUPER healthy!! GO me!


Pear oatmeal made with milk and toasted almonds:

And a coffee/latte:


Spinach with pom seeds, cabbage, leftover turkey and a lemon dressing:

Whole wheat English muffin with a little Smart Balance

Raw veggies in homemade hummus (this was a lot of hummus - 120 calorie's worth, but it was good and I chose to have that much b/c lunch was light otherwise)


Splurge (I'd had 48 oz of water already)

All together

And 3 ginger snap cookies for dessert:


Plain yogurt, ground flax, pom seeds, kashi crackers. Kind of high in calorie, but meh! I had them available.

Dinner: Fish Tacos!!!

Corn Tortillas:

Mashed avocado:

Lightly sauteed cabbage and peppers:



Spicy seasoned seared tilapia:

My two little tacos:

Add in a few sips of wine, 1 bite of chocolate, a handful of grapes and an evening workout and you get 1650 calories, net of 1105. Sweeeet!

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