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Wednesday, October 10

Dark Run

We went running this morning - in the pitch dark. I say that because we chose a route with NO streetlights. We ended up turning around and going a different way where there was some light. We were hoping to explore this new neighborhood, but we couldn't find it in the dark!! 4.2 miles, 320 calories burned.

Had half a banana before we went:

Husband made me breakfast this morning, so of course it involved egg. We used up the corn tortillas from last night's tacos. They are only 45 calories each and as far as I know, a whole grain. (Correct me if I'm wrong). He put an egg plus some egg white, a laughing cow, and a slice of turkey bacon between the tortillas. I had them with a side of kiwi and grapes topped with a shot of Kefir and some flax and a latte. The corn was delicious for breakfast - kind of like tortilla chips!

Sorry for the poor photos! It was still dark at 7:15 and I didn't feel like improving the lighting manually.

Breakfast calories: ~500

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Anonymous said...

When I went running last Friday it was also still pitch black out! I wasn't comfortable doing that (but I live in a fairly urban neighborhood). Yay for 4.2 miles!
The breakfast from the husband sounds yummy! I am excited to see your dinner later! :-) - Meggers-