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Monday, October 8

Terrific Tofu!!!

I LOVE TOFU!!!!!!!! And we finally found a kind we really like. I like it most when it's seared on the outside and soft on the inside. There are two kinds of tofu: silken and regular. I always thought the silken was the jiggly liquidy kind, but turns out there can be extra firm silken tofu - it's just the way it's made, chemically, that determines the kind. So I correct my post: I LOVE SILKEN TOFU!!!!!

And it gets better! The kind we got comes in a box that doesn't need to be refrigerated, so it's is basically a pantry staple. And the whole box was only 180 calories, so it's healthy, low-cal, convenient and delicious!! Here is a link to the brand, Mori-Nu.

Soooooo....... first we seared the tofu in some walnut oil (just for a change from EVOO). About halfway through we added red curry powder and ginger. Sorry, I didn't get a photo of it cooking.

On the side we sauteed a bag of stir-fry mix along with a cup or two of bean sprouts and some mushrooms. Again, halfway through we added red curry paste and a can of lite coconut milk. The veggies were divided in four servings and saved for later and the tofu was served in half.

And the super-duper secret ingredient that made this recipe a knock-out??? TOASTED COCONUT!!! Yes, it was sweetened and coconut isn't exactly a superfood, but it was SO delicious after it toasted in a skillet for a few minutes and turned brown. Tasted just like a marshmellow roasted over the fire!!! We used 3/4 of an oz, which led to about 50 calories each, but it was worth it!

The results:

I wish I'd taken better photos : (

Total dinner calories: ~300. Quite nice! I could've eaten about 2 cups more veggies though, so we should have just served all 4 portions.

This afternoon at 3:30 I had a 10 oz glass of milk and 2 kamut rice cakes:

I also nibbled on some grapes and 1 oz of freshly cooked chicken when I got home from work.

After dinner I was still a little hungry and decided to have this tiny little pear:

But of course I'm queen of mixing things - and queen of pumpkin - so I mixed some in! Topped it off with a little peanut butter granola (just had to try it because it was a new kind!) and a drizzle of honey. Dessert calories: A surprising 150 because that damn pear was 80!!

Total Monday calories: 1770.

Exercise: -526

Net: 1245.

Ooops!! I went over with dessert. I actually came here and wrote this post, then I went and had a snack, so it hurts to see the numbers go up!!

But everything I ate today was super healthy!!

And just WAIT till you see tomorrow's lunch!!

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up...(the comment about the "damn pear!"). I've never had Tofu...but it sounded good the way you prepared it...thanks to you and your wonderful blog, I'm getting more interested in new foods! Thanks! :-) -Meggers-