"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, October 8

Healthy Lunch!

Yum, yum! I sure love lentils on a salad. I tossed my salad with Newmans Own Lighten Up Honey Dijon dressing (one of the few I can tolerate) and it was quite good! Here's a recap of lunch, which was about 500 calories. Afterwards I got in a nice 45-minute walk around town - it's beautiful out there but a little hot toward the end! Another 150 calories burned : )

Salad with 1/2 c lentils:

Cantaloupe and grapes:

Cottage cheese:


All together with hot tea:


Elle said...

Hi! Do you wear your hr when you do your lunch walks? Seems like such a great way to squeeze in extra exercise calories, but until I started reading your blog I had no idea that a decent amount could actually get burned by walking!

Kath said...

Hey Elle : ) I don't wear my HRM, but I have before when walking to get an idea of how many calories I burn. I'm sure the amount changes slightly depending on the weather (100* summer days vs. 75* fall day!) but since the overall burn isn't that high, I don't think the calorie different would be significant. I used to HATE walking, thinking it was such a waste of time, but a 30 minute walk is 100 more calories - and I like to eat!