"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, October 21


I was too sore to exercise today, but we did get a good hour walk in and I went to the mall and was on my feet for 1.5 hours shopping. We had Beef Stroganoff for dinner - it was great! I could have done without the meat though, as it just doesn't do much for me! More mushrooms instead please! And we had more wine.


Oatmeal pancake with NO additives. It was extremely flat. I think it needs the baking powder, which husband said DOES affect levening. I'm so confused with these two baking things! I'll go back to adding a pinch of powder.

Pancake cross-section:

I had some snacks at the grocery store (chicken sample, cookie sample, cheese sample) but I canceled them out with the walking I did while shopping.


Leftover lentil loaf over homemade wheat bread with melted brie (it wasn't really that good)

Leftover slaw with yogurt and maple (that was good)

And some chocolates:

Also had some sips of wine (husband had some for lunch!)


Spent the afternoon making spaghetti squash for lunches and cranberry sauce, which I decided to make on a whim to stir into oatmeal and yogurt! I ate some of both!

Got an hour walk and 1.5 of shopping in the afternoon.


Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms and yellow pepper. I made the base, weighed it, and then added the meat separately to get accurate calories. It was quite filling! Can you see we're on a kick with the old fashioned comfort food recipes?

Side: Lime-scented green beans. If I learned anything from the Tuna Casserole night it's I need a pile of veggies if I'm not having a heaping portion of main course. These were DELICIOUS!

And a hefty glass of wine after I drank 2/3 (we have two open bottles and are trying to get rid of them!)

Total Sunday calories: 1411

-275 thru walk and some shopping (which I guessed less on)

= net of 1132.

I'm pretty full and must go read in bed now. I could easily fill up these calories with some chocolate or something, but I'm probably better off just assuming I had more bites of things than I realized today and calling it quits.


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Brenda said...

Hi Kath, I've been searching for a lentil loaf recipe that looks good and I think I'm going to try Molly Katzen's (Goddess of Vegetarian Cooking) Lentil-Walnut Burgers. You could make it into a loaf instead of burgers. I will email you the recipe.