"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, October 21


Sorry I've been MIA - I just haven't felt like being on the computer!

Husband and I went hiking on Saturday and man am I sore! We hiked up Crowder's Mountain, just south of Charlotte. It was nice to get some fun exercise for a change. Just good old "movement." We did about 5 miles, which included some VERY sleep climbs. I guessed about 500 calories burned. My HRM said 400, but it was kind of slow on some of the parts when my legs were burning, so I added 100. My hips/butt are SO sore that I couldn't run today! We had a picnic at the top of the mountain of homemade bread, cheese (Stilchester and Brie), grapes, and slaw. Yum!! I was by myself for the afternoon/evening and decided to attempt a lentil "meatloaf." It turned out just OK. I also did some compulsive snacking - booooo!

Here's a photo recap:


Oatmeal with dates, pear and almonds. And coffee.


Who curls their hair to go hiking? ME!!!!!!!!



Picnic. The cheese on the right is the husband's, who borrowed my plate:


Kashi crackers and pear before I went shopping. Also had peanut butter that I didn't photograph.


I was starving before dinner, so I had some crackers:

And some wine!!

Leftover roasted veggies cooking with tomato sauce. This got pureed in the food processor:

Lentils with pureed veggies:

First loaf in pan:

First loaf after it got smushed. It wasn't firm enough to handle the transfer:

Loaf after I put it back in the pan and re-baked it 20 minutes more. Much better!

My portion with yogurt. It was too mushy. I wish I could have CHEWED everything! Needs more veggies underneath to add bulk:

Dessert: Kashi cookie -

And some pita chips, and some kashi crackers. BOOOO for mindless boredom snacking!!!

Total Saturday calories: 2060

-700ish thru exercise (500 hike plus shopping)

= net of 1308. I can't remember if I ate anything else to push me over more - this doesn't sound right. Guess it doesn't matter!

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