"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, October 28

Sunday Recovery

Guess whose is who's!?!?!

Took is easy today after a whole weekend of eating (and slept until 8:00!!!). Went to the grocery store, played online, did some cleaning. I went for another 5-mile run at 4:30. My legs were really stiff and sore by the end (not sure if it was the colder weather or the fact that I never allow myself to run two days in a row). For dinner, the husband and his mom cooked me a delicious meal - but it had to be under 400 calories! I splurged on the wine and half a cookie, but I'm still under net. It was a fun day!!

Had yummy oatmeal with apple and almonds for breakfast. And lots of water!

= 337 calories

I picked up some chicken breasts at the grocery store and husband cooked one for lunch. Had it on a bun (I had to get the kind with HFCS because I went to Harris Teeter instead of Earth Fare - ugh!). Had a slice of havarti and lettuce on the chicken.

Got some of these tiny sweet peppers and had them with 2 tbsp of Wild Garden Bean Dip (which is only 35 calories for 2 tbsp!!)

I also got some radishes to try, as I've never really had them. I didn't really care for them raw (they were too much like onions) but I LOVED them cooked - just like potatoes! We sauteed them for a minute in a skillet.

I couldn't stop the Kashi cracker craving....I had 10

All together for 480 calories:

We have our Halloween candy in stock - and the husband and I split one after lunch!! 45 calories that were SO not worth it!

I made cranberry sauce again and had a little of that and had 2 more Kashi crackers and a bite of apple. I also cooked some Swiss Oatmeal (steel cut oats made with dried fruit, nuts, milk and yogurt - you'll see tomorrow) and had some tastes of that. Probably about 50 calories worth of licks?

Husband cooked me a fabulous dinner with the assistance of his mother and her boyfriend. We had a lovely Sunday night dinner, complete with wine! Husband sure is a fabulous cook!!

Cocktail hour:

"Paella" of lobster tail and pan-seared scallops with sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeños, roma tomatoes and sweet peppers, served over risotto, topped with capers.

After dinner I split a frozen oatmeal cookie with the husband. Delicious, but worth 100 calories? Maybe not...

Entree calories: 400

Dinner calories: 690

Sunday calories: 1617

in run, shopping and housework

=net of 1146. And keeping it that way!


Anonymous said...

Cute pumpkins! :-) Sounds like overall you had a fabulous weekend...and yes, you'll get right back in track no worries, I'm sure. You looked super cute in your b-day outfit...very fit! Have a good week!!! -Meggers-

Elle said...

WOW, all of that food looks SO good. Some well-deserved treats! And I love those little gourmet baskets you got at the ceremony...my school always gives us box lunches that leave much to be desired at events. Have a good Monday!

Elle said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you're totally right about the quick oats in the Diva Pancakes...I tried regular oats once and it was too...I dunno...grainy. I've been using quick oats ever since...maybe that's why you didn't like the baking soda the first time?

Brenda said...

I think that is why my recipe has the old fashioned oats soak over night in the egg whites. I just mix it up and it's ready to go in the morning. I also do this with steel cut oatmeal. Just let it soak in the water overnight and it cuts the cooking time in half the next morning.