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Sunday, October 28

Good News, Bad News

The bad news:
This weekend was an eating disaster!!! I decided to "enjoy" myself, which means I ate like a normal American, which means I totally pigged out! I'm estimating I ate between 2500-3500 calories in excess of my maintenance amount, which is almost a pound! But I had a lot of fun and we did a lot of celebrating!

The good news:
I'm at my goal weight and can recover quickly with a little weight loss eating. NO problem! I should be back to normal in a week and a half - tops! Here's to healthy eating 90% of the time!

Here's a photo recap:

Friday's Birthday Dinner

My outfit!

Drinking hot water to warm up in the restaurant:

Roasted pumpkin soup (could have been more pumpkin and less chicken brothy - but the waitress said this had a stick of butter in - not the whole bowl but the recipe)

Appetizer bites - deviled quail eggs (so cute!!), mini olives, cured meat, cracker, cheese-stuffed sweet pepper:

Wonderful glass of Petit Syrah:

Pan-fried sea bass over spaghetti squash DRENCHED in brown butter and snap peas. I ate ALL of the squash and all of the butter that came on it. It was amazing. I ate one of the fish.

The bread basket (that arrived late so we went nuts) with Cranberry-Walnut Molasses bread and PUMPKIN dessert bread and walnut butter and country white bread - all warm out of the oven. I probably had 4 pieces - maybe 500 calories' worth!? Between the two of us, we ate the whole basket and all of the butter - yikes!!

Dessert - fudge from next door. We went in for a small piece of chocolate but decided on fudge, which we could only order in huge chunks. We ate them all. 300 calories??!

Total birthday calories - 3,000!?!?

Saturday Exercise

Started the day with a 5.3 mile run before the sunrise. Thank goodness I had an extra 450 calories under my belt! Got another HOUR of walking on campus later in the afternoon. Whew!

Saturday Breakfast

Oatmeal pancake (I figured out another key - Quick oats work WAY better than Old Fashioned oats because they soak up the egg whites faster. Now I'll have to try Quick oats with both baking powder and soda and see how that guy turns out!) This was the best pancake I've had in ages:

Yogurt and pom seeds:


I needed breakfast to last me well into lunch, but this ended up being more than I needed. But it did hold me well until 12.

Inauguration and Lunch:

The inauguration was fun - I loved seeing all the professors march in. I love academics and am so proud of my alma mater and it's foundations and beliefs :)


Swearing in President Ross:

The lunch was SO beautiful and elegant. It was for parents, faculty and guests, so we got to go as family of my sister. All the tables had a basket with a lunch inside - and we got to keep the baskets!!!

Each basket had a spinach salad with bourbon grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, candied pralines, a 'tomato pie' (like a quiche) and a sweet potato biscuit. The salad dressing as an orange-mustard and was really good! Then there was a package of 2 cookies and a mini-tart. All of the packages were different, and I probably had 4-5 cookies total after tying a bunch of other peoples'! And I ate my ENTIRE lunch - including all the spinach! Oh, but I didn't eat the whole tomato pie - only about half of that. The food was all so gourmet and fresh that I decided I had to eat it all. What I should NOT have done is eat all the cookies, which were really store bought!

Campus Photography

Here's me and the husband!

And us with husband's mother and significant other

And us with my mom:

Frat Event

So we went to the SAE parents weekend event at 4pm (after an hour of walking).

I ate:
  • Trail mix
  • 4-5 pieces of cheese and 2-3 crackers
  • Glass of wine
  • 3 strawberries, 1 cantaloupe
  • 1 cheese straw
  • 5 pita chips
......basically one too many of everything!

Pizza Party Dinner

So my sister drank
32 beers over the course of a few months and won a $75 pizza party at our favorite brick-oven pizza place. As soon as we sat down, I knew it would be a free-for-all in terms of ordering a bunch of pizza. Their pizza is REALLY good and gourmet, so I could never had had just one slice. I did make the decision to skip a salad, because I knew it would just be wasted calories b/c I would still try all the kinds of pizzas. I ordered a beers sampler (what I always get there - 4 oz of 4 kinds, so it's just like a pint). I certainly ate well over 1,000 calories in pizza! I probably had 5 slices of my own (at 150 calories each) and then had lots of bites of other kinds. Now they are thin-slices, but they're still pretty caloric (I have the nutritional info for the place after I emailed them a few years ago). But it was DEE-licious!!!!!!!

Hawaiian (one of my favorites!)


Pear and Gorgonzola:

Beer sampler:


After dinner, we hit up Coldstones. I got the light cake batter with 1 oreo (about 350 calories?) but I certainly ate a lot of other people's flavors too. I was pretty full when we left! Sorry, no time for a photo - I just ATE!

Wine Bar

So we didn't want to night to end, so we went to a WINE BAR after dinner! I got a flight of three that I didn't need or even really enjoy, but it was still fun. Here's the husband there:

Total Saturday calories.......ummm....4,000???

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