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Wednesday, October 24

Midnight Snack!

So husband and I had a big discussion last night about...well, stuff...and I was too busy talking to eat anything else. We went to bed on time, but my mind was racing. An hour later, and after an attempt to read to "prepare my mind for sleep," I was simply starving. I imagined big bowls of cereal and Kashi crackers and other things, and then I realized I could go have some - and should have some - because I was hungry.

So I did something totally out of character - I had a midnight snack!! A mug of wheat cereal with a little of the husband's Cranberry Almond Crunch mixed in. It was divine! I also satisfied my craving for Kashi crackers and had 5. This put me over calories for the day by about 150, but clearly my body wanted those calories.

So because I was up late, no workout for me this morning. I thought about going for a quick run, but it's rather dreary outside and I though I should give myself a break.

I did make some mental notes:
  1. I'll say it 1,000 more times - getting up at ANY time is hard. 4:50 or 6:30 - doesn't make a difference. If you think you could never be a morning exerciser, you CAN.
  2. Getting up to go to the gym is easier than getting up to get in the shower.
  3. When I miss a morning workout, it's not the whole "I can't eat as much today" mentality that really bothers me, but it's the fresh, awakened feeling I get afterwards. Who wants to go to work still groggy from sleep? Some sweating will fix that right up! I miss waking up with exercise when I have to skip it. I'm always MUCH more tired all day without it. It must be my "cup of joe" every morning!
So I have a bag packed to workout at the gym near work this evening. But only if I'm craving the movement and stress relief of it. I'm not going to make myself go, because I'm sure I could use a day off.

So I got up today when I'm usually on my way home from the gym (6:30). It's amazing what I accomplish everyday before the sun rises! It's a great way to get it all in.

Breakfast today was oatmeal made with skim, banana, toasted almonds and cranberry sauce. And some coffee to help me feel full. And a HUGE cup of water.

Breakfast calories: ~350

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