"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 24

Looming Gloom

Today sure is gloomy - from the cloudy weather to the lack of endorphins from a morning workout to my constant hunger! But my 45 minute walk after lunch improved my mood a lot. Husband is working nearby and we may go running after work - more for the change of scenery and stress relief than anything else. We'll see if the rain holds out.

I did have 150-200 calories less before I came to work today, so that's probably why I was still very hungry despite not having burned 350-400 at the gym. I snacked on some trail mix at 10:00 and had tea.

Lunch was

(less PB and more J this time on husband's homemade bread). This was almost 200 calories in bread - hard to tell if it was worth it.

Mixed greens with walnut oil (1/2 tsp) and a drizzle of lime. Simple, but green.

4 oz of cut up pear:

And pita chips:

All together for ~450 calories

I packed a yogurt and cranberry too, but I saved it for a mid-afternoon snack since I'm trying to cut back on the calories a little today from no workout. But if I go running I guess I'll need a bigger dinner! Another reason why AM workouts are good - you know your calories for the day and can spread them out more evenly!


Anonymous said...

Hello, hello! I agree...I love morning workouts! I love PBJ sandwiches...what's your favorite brand of "healthy" pb? I am also looking at trying to find Gnu bars...I have a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods (I think)...so...we'll see...I've never been to either yet...hope you're having a good afternoon! -Meggers-

Kath said...

Hi Megs,

I eat the organic PB at Harris Teeter (do you have those where you live?) It's 180 cals per 2 tbsp and has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. I tried the Trader Joe's kind b/c it was much cheaper and thought it was gross and tasted fake. Something was missing? Other "natural" kinds I've tried have been good though, so maybe it was just a TJ's fluke.

I haven't seen the GNU bars in person either - I ordered mine from their website. I think I had to order 16 of them, but, well, they're all gone so it was worth it!! I don't think the shipping was bad either, and they came quickly.

We just got a TJ's around here, but we aren't getting a Whole Foods for a while :( Makes me sad because I feel like we're the last city on the Earth not to have one! When I go to visit my parents I always have to stop in to do some product reviews. We do have EarthFare though, which is basically like Whole Foods minus the 365 brand. You need to pay yours a visit for me!

Elle said...

PBJ--what a perfect gloomy weather food! The gray skies are making me crave toasted bagels and giant lattes :)

The GNCs in NYC all carry Gnu bars...but I'm not sure that's true in all places because I know my parents order them online instead.