"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, October 2


Started to feel hungry at 3:30, so I had my snack. The key word here is started. No, I was not hungry, but I wanted my snack!

I didn't drink milk much during my intensive weight loss days, but I found that I really missed it! If I've learned anything in the past couple of months, it's that there were a lot of foods that I never ate and didn't realize I was missing out! Milk is one of them. I LOVE it, but I would always rather chew my calories than drink them. Well, I'm experimenting around and think that it's more filling than I thought.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my calories/weight right now. The number on the doctor's scale this morning was terrifying. 127. A number I haven't seen in YEARS (yes, before I was engaged), and 10 pounds more than I was on my wedding day. NOW, let's unpack though - I had just had a HUGE bowl of oatmeal, hot tea, 24 oz of water at the gym, and was wearing clothes and jewelry, but I still was a bit freaked out by the number. Although I'm totally content with my body right now, I'm not sure how happy I am with it. I was at a "happy weight" when I was 120. I think I'm really closer to 122 now, and I'm pretty sure I can see a slight gain. SOoo......I've been logging on CK again and aiming to net 1350. We'll see what happens with that in the next few weeks.

So on to the actual snack:

Had about 10 oz of skim milk with a No-Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast. And about 6 Kashi crackers leftover from lunch. The CIB was quite a luxurious addition, but I'm hoping that the extra 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber will do their job despite being liquidated. It hit the spot and I think I'll be set to muster up some hunger for dinner!

Snack calories: ~240.

I'm hoping with a walk tonight and sticking to my dinner plan that I'm right on track. Who needs dessert!?

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