"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 3

Argh, Computers!

My computer is up and running again, but the internet is NOT! After spending another hour on the phone with Dell, it looks like I'll have to re-install Windows. Thank goodness the husband is there to help out. I backed up all my music and photos last night, so I'll have to start with a clean slate tonight getting everything set up again.

AND - I forgot my camera today at work!! I have last night's dinner (Mushroom Soup) and breakfast (Banana Oatmeal) to post. Sorry, folks! Husband is coming for lunch and should be able to bring camera.

I'm SO stressed out right now. It's one of those weeks where I can't take deep breaths. I just need some time to decompress. We slept in an hour later today to catch up on sleep and then did a 4.2 mile run, which is always hard, but only burns 320 calories and leaves me a little short for the day.

Sigh.... I just need a day off!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kath.
I stumbled upon your blog through a comment you left on Roni's page a few weeks ago.
I just wanted to say that you truly are an inspiration to me.
Everything that you eat looks so fresh and healthy, and all of the exercise you do is very motivational.
I lost 30 pounds on WW, but would like to lose another 10, and you have inspired me to get back on track. I decided to start counting calories instead of points and to really try to focus on eating fruits and veggies.
Thanks for keeping up on your blog - I know its hard when you have computer trouble, but I thought you would want to know that you do inspire others.


Kath said...

Thanks so much for you kind words Jenn!!! I need comments like these to keep me motivated to keep blogging and photographing. I can't wait to post last night's dinner. My whole mentality on nutrition and weight loss has evolved so much throughout the past year or so. A year ago I only cared about calories in-calories out, but now it's so much more about health, nutrients, and eating fresh, whole foods. Have you read the book SuperFoods HealthStyle by Dr. Stephen Pratt? It's a GREAT read to get a kick-start on eating healthier. I'm so glad I'm an inspiration - I'll post some before and after photos soon!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read that book, but I will definately be going on Amazon to buy it.
I know how to lose weight, but I want to be healthy. I am to the point now that I can focus on the nutritional value of what I am eating. I have been eating more fruits and veggies than I did in the past, but still rely heavily on procesed, sugary foods.
Its nice to see that 'real' people can make healthy choices in this fast paced world.

Thanks for the tip!!