"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, October 18


Lunch did me well, but I got a little hungry around 3:00 and thought "my body needs fuel." So I ate.

I had a rather large (~12 oz) glass of milk with half a Milk Chocolate No-Sugar-Added Carnation Instant Breakfast packet. Cristin from the Eat Like Me blog loves these things and recently said if she had to live off only one food for the rest of her life (healthy food) that it would be skim milk with one of these packets (no-sugar-added, of course). If an R.D. makes that strong of a statement, then I support them too! Although they go against my "I want to chew my calories" mentality, they do have protein and fiber, and I've really been enjoying having a half gallon of skim milk at work, so I'll keep it up.

And I couldn't keep my hands out of the trail mix, so I had a few nibbles for crunch with the milk : )

Tonight is nutrition class, so I'll be dining on steamed Chinese food at 4:45. I'm SO excited!!! I won't be posting until the morning since I'll need to head straight to bed, but I'll see you then!


Brenda said...

Hi Kath, does the skim milk and carnation mix satisfy you? I'm like you in that I'd rather chew my calories but I know it has quite a bit of protein. I guess I should try it...

Kath said...


I wouldn't call it my most filling snack, but sometimes I just want some volume in my stomach and milk does a good job of that. the CIB adds fiber and protein, and I only add half a packet. I usually hvae something to chew with it like a few almonds!