"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, October 18

The Best Lunch!!!

OK, tuna casserole is much better as lunch leftovers than a dinner!! (Or maybe my lunches can just afford more calories :) )

5 oz leftover tuna casserole over a spelt English muffin and 1 slice of Havarti cheese:

It was all melted in our little toaster oven at work:

Had a side of a half cup of cabbage slaw (made with a tiny bit of mayo, lots of mustard, and some spices and hot sauce). It was so nice to get veggies in without eating a salad (which I'm getting sick of).

Lastly, I had a 6.75 oz (over 100 calories) portion of diced kiwi - yum!

All together with Working Mother Magazine (trying to find some tips on how to de-stress!)

This lunch was SO satisfying! I ate the tuna melt with a knife and fork to make it last longer - great idea. I can't believe only three items hit the spot since I usually need 4-5 items in my lunch to feel satisfied. When I took my last bite I felt lunch closure instead of my usual disappointment that lunch was over! Maybe this means I need to start having dinner leftovers more, although I think the key here was to morph the casserole into something new rather than just reheat and eat.

Total lunch calories: ~535

I even got in a short brisk walk (27 minutes) after lunch.

I now have 300 calories left to net 1226 and dinner at 4:45 (before my class). I guess that means I need to plan a good snack for our class break.

And a shout out to my Banana Foster Pancake for tiding hunger until noon!! (With a little help from sparkling water and hot tea).

I had a decaf green tea around 9:30 because I was freezing:

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