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Friday, October 19

Chinese Takeout!

Wow, I have a new dinner option!! I love to cook, but it's always fun to find new places to eat outside of the kitchen. Who knew you could ordered steamed entrees at almost all Chinese places?

Husband met me on campus and we split a large steamed shrimp and vegetables. (I'd love to experiement with different dishes but this one seemed the "safest" since who knows what Kung Pao Whatever is!?) It wasn't quite enough for two volume eaters (husband had a second dinner later on!). I ate too quickly - which I determined was because I had a small bowl and felt competitive about the vegetables. I had two bowls with 1/2 a cup of rice on the bottom (the rice container was an even cup, so I'm sure of the portion). I also got a "brown sauce" on the side, which I'm pretty sure what just soy, cornstarch and maybe some sugar, but CK had an egg foo yung sauce that was 40 calories per 1/3 a cup and another site said "brown sauce" was 255 calories for a cup and a half so I think it wasn't too high. We also got a spring roll, which I had one bite of. Here's the recap:

Appetizer! 1/3 of a medium spring roll:

First serving: (About 10 shrimp and 1 cup veggies with rice on bottom)

The shrimp were EXCELLENT - just as good as when we made them steamed at the beach!

Second portion (rice still on bottom and about 2 more shrimp)

Sauces: (chili oil on the right, which I had a tiny bit of)

Leftovers, which were quickly consumed:

Fortune cookie wrapper!

Total dinner calories: ~400. Really good for takout!

I ate too fast and didn't really feel full, but I felt good about 20 minutes later when my stomach had time to catch up.

We also got in 25 minutes of walking before dinner!!

Nutrition class was great. I'm still the nerd, and I hope I'm not annoying others with comments and questions. I got a 100 on my almond research project. The professor wrote:

"Very interesting topic and excellent summary of research!"

I think it's because mine was 3 pages and typed and others were handwritten! Seriously, who handwrites papers in 2007!?!?

I had 1/2 a serving of trail mix during class.

When I got home, I wasn't too hungry, but I was craving carbs, so I had some Kashi crackers and pita chips to bring my net up to 1226 almost exactly.

Total Thursday calories: ~1800

-575 thru exercise

= net of 1217. Great day!

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Kirsten said...

Seriously, who does handwrite papers? :) That's just silly...