"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 31

Sloooooow Down

I need to slow down or I'm going to eat too much without even realizing it!

We had a catered lunch today and frankly, it was fast food, cafeteria style. Not worth it! But it was a client and I had to partake. The turkey was tender, but so salty!! I think I had about 4 oz. I also had some green beans, corn, and about 2 bites of instant mashed potatoes (hidden in the back) before I realized they weren't worth it either.

After I finished, I snuck out and got in a 28-minute walk. Might try to get in another this afternoon.

When I got back I logged lunch as follows:

1 serving Bojangles: Sides: Individual Fixin', Green Beans25
0.3 cup (5.4 oz)Vegetables, Fresh: Corn, sweet, edible portion40
1 ozKFC: Sides: Mashed Potatoes, no gravy29
1 ozBoston Market Restaurant: Sauces: Gravy, Poultry4
4 ozBoston Market Restaurant: Meals: Roasted Turkey144

Total? 242 calories! Geez. I need to eat more.

So I had an apple (half eaten!)

And then a chocolate Gnu bar with lots of fiber to try to make myself full.

Now I'm up to 482 lunch calories, which should be plenty to feel satisfied, and I have 250 left for snacks, but I still want to keep eating :( I really want a Butterfinger (mini) but at 100 calories, I just don't know if that is worth it either!!


11:30 snack to tide hunger:

Finger Update:

The other side, which is really purple on the right (hard to see with the lighting)

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