"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 31


Pumpkin Bumpkins

Our spooky house!

Cutie pie waiting for ghosts!


Afternoon Snacks

Yep, it hit me at 2pm when I was passing out candy around the office. I WANT A CANDY BAR!!! I hadn't eaten one in a looooong time, and I've been eyeballing (and resisting) them all month at work. I deserved one b/c it was Halloween. I made the decision to have one.........which turned into five!! YIKES!! But the good news is that I logged all of them and have compensated tonight in other ways.

Dinner: Guts and Blood

I swapped out the turkey in our dinner for shrimp and the pasta for frozen (and fresh) vegetables.

Crushed tomatoes, olives, capers, shrimp, okra, green pepper, and Parmesan:

Right now, at 7:05 pm, I have only had 2-3 bites of the husband's chocolates as we wait for trick-or-treaters. He's keeping his eye CLOSE on me (because he knows I'll thank him in the morning - not because he's a controlling jerk!)

Total Halloween calories: ~1850

-504 thru workout and walk

= net of ~1326

Not that bad, all things considered!

P.S. PMS + Halloween do NOT make a good combo!

P.S.S. My finger is SO much better - I don't even remember it is hurt!


Cynthia said...

your pumpkins are so freaking cute!!

Elle said...

Hehe I love your "special" pumpkin.

How do you log pomegranate seeds? They confuse me so much! I got them again at Pinkberry...but are the seeds the actual "fruit" or is it there also flesh inside the shell? They didn't have pomegranate seeds on CK so now I'm thinking maybe that's the seeds are the only part you eat and CK refers to them as the fruit?

Anonymous said...

Very nice lookin' pumpkins! Did you get many trick-o-treaters? I hope so! Yay for your hubby keeping you away from the candy. Happy Halloween!!! -Meggers-

Kath said...


I'm not 100% sure on the pom seeds, but I log them by weight (2 tbsp is around 30-40 calories by my eyeball guess). I'm PRETTY sure the styrofoam part that the seeds come in is either inedible or doesn't have calories (if it is edible) so I'm reasonably sure the calories are just for the seeds.

OK, I'm super cool. It's 5:26 am and I just went and did some math for you. 1 level tablespoon was 26 seeds (so I'd assume 25 in general) and weighted 10 grams, which logged in at 7 calories. So I think to assume 10 calories per tablespoon is a great ballpark.

Oh, and I've compared all the CK entries by weight and they all agree on the same weight/calories so I think they are all for the seeds.