"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 10

Out 2 Lunch

Went out today to my favorite grocery store. I decided on salmon instead of tofu for my salad since I had tofu on Monday. Well, I have mixed emotions:

Salmon is supposed to be incredibly healthy


It was 300 calories, geez!!!!!!!!

I had the guy weigh it and it was 5 oz. I was thinking around 250 plus 100 for the salad, but it was 292 plus more from the rest of my lunch than I anticipated.

Here's a photo recap:

Pepper rings
1 cube of tofu : o)
Annie's Ginger Vinegarette (actually really good and low-cal!)

5 oz salmon with sauce brushed off (eww, onion). I put half on the salad, but decided I couldn't taste it or appreciate it enough, so I ate the second half plain.

Total lunch calories: 426

Although I should be, I'm not really that satisfied from lunch. It could be psychological though : ) But my lunches are usually 550 calories, so I'm missing a big piece of fruit, yogurt or a grain.

I'm low on exercise today because I didn't get a walk in and the running always cuts me a little short. I bought a Larabar at Talley's with hopes to try it since I thought I would have more afternoon snack calories. But nope! Not enough for a 220 bar, so it'll have to wait for a big-burn day :)

See you for dinner: Whole wheat pasta with homemade pesto, peas, sauteed spinach tossed with seared shrimp!

OH, and three cheers for breakfast today, which held me well into the noon hour with no hunger!!!


Elle said...

Hi! That breakfast looked goooood. I've got to figure out how to get Garrett to make breakfast for us! I thought of you today when I discovered that a cafe near campus has THE most amazing thing--a make-your-own parfait bar using Fage 0% yogurt!!! Every kind of fruit you can imagine plus evil things like granola, coconut and chocolate chips. I LOVE parfaits but stay away because they're so deceptively high in calories, but no longer now that I can make my own with Fage and fruit. They should have these things everywhere!

Kath said...

My gosh, Elle, that sounds AMAZING!!! I've been eating it less b/c we are really watching our money, but I've got a container for lunch today!!!