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Friday, October 19

Oatmeal Pancake Revised

Well, I have to admit, I think I prefer the flatter pancakes!!! I followed Elle's (hi!) instructions and added the baking SODA, which did make it twice as thick and bubbly in the pan. Normally I would LOVE having it thicker, but I wasn't crazy about the texture! My flatter ones are more like a pancake and this was more like an English muffin, like you can really feel each oat. Not as doughy maybe? I think I'm going to stick with making them the wrong way!


Then, 60-minute cycle class. Only 400 calories burned. I'm not sure if I like having my HRM back!

New pancake with banana!

Here's the inside with the new texture. I'll try to get a photo of my normal ones this weekend.

Kiwi, kefir and flax:

With pumpkin spiced coffee!! I wasn't going to have any, but husband made this and I had to try it. YUM!!!

Total breakfast calories: ~440. Lower than normal!


Brenda said...

400 calories is a lot! Way more than what is recommended. I was surprised when I read 30 minutes of walking a day is all that is recommended. You're doing great!

Elle said...

Hmm...interesting that you didn't like the revised pancake...I'll have to try the "wrong" one...maybe it's better! I wonder what it would be like without baking soda OR baking powder...I know baking soda puffs, but what's the purpose of baking powder? Maybe I'll spend a weekend morning experimenting with the Diva Pancake!

Brenda said...

How much baking soda did you use? My recipe only calls for 1/8th of a teaspoon which is for a serving of dry oatmeal (40g).

Kath said...

I usually use half of a 1/4 of a tsp of baking powder. I doubt it does anything because I the powder deals with acidity of things. This morning I used about 1/4 tsp of baking soda (wanted to make sure I used enough to make it puff!). So perhaps that was a little much. I think I might just start making them without any baking things...just because I like them flat and doughier and I'd rather not have to get out one more thing to add!

Brenda said...

Oops, I meant I use 1/8th of a teaspoon baking powder.