"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, October 7


Sundays are NOT recovery days. This is two weeks in a row that I've gone to a festival, pigged out, and felt horrible on Sunday!! Ug. This has to stop. Thank goodness there are no festivals in the future.

We arrived at the wine festival at 1pm. I don't really remember much from 1-5:30, except that I tasted a lot of wine! We had a crabcake sandwich around 3:30, followed by a handful of free samples from a grocery store. Calories consumed? 1,000??? Here's a quick photo recap, including a debut of ME!

We met my mother-in-law for dinner at 5:30. We made our way through the mall (where the festival was) to kill some time.

Dinner was at a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant called M5. Although I had sobered up some by dinner, of course I decided to order a cosmopolitan! Another mistake!

We shared hummus, bread, and olive oil for appetizers as well as some escargot! I had a few bites of each. Sorry, no photos!

For dinner I had seared halibut (one of my favorite fish!) with a side of vegetables. It was AMAZING but totally covered in butter and oil. YUM!!

We also got a bottle of wine. I had a glass. Can you see a destructive pattern here?!

Then, we got TWO desserts!!!!!!!!! A raspberry-lemon tart and a molten chocolate cake. Luckily they were small, but I ate more than my share. Bad!!!

So to recap, I am embarking on a three-week master devotion to being as healthy as possible. My 25th birthday is October 26 - and I want to be as happy on my birthday with my body and health as I was on my wedding day!!

  • Back to logging on Calorie King - 1226 net each day.
  • Weigh myself each morning, even if I feel "full" : )
  • No alcohol or sweets - I do NOT deserve them! I'll have both on 10/26
  • Make it through 2 weekends of consistent eating (no "treats" because it's Saturday night)
  • Keep up the healthy cooking and exercise (that's the easy part)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck making your goals for the next two weeks! Looks like you had a fun time at least...we all need that...but we all need to be able to get back on track...and I know you will! Good luck this week! Yay for your long run today! :-) -Meggers-