"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, October 8

Most Dreadful Monday

It's only dreadful because it's Monday - no other reason : ) But there was a roach in the hall this morning!! It was a little brown one, so thank goodness not a huge black one. I got him with the killer spray but he wasn't dead when I came back - not sure where he slunk off to.

Started the day with a small piece of that most delicious wheat bread I got at the Farmer's Market topped with 5 grams of PB:

Workout was 40 minutes elliptical plus abs/stretching. Kind of low key today (the husband slept in so I saved lifting for tomorrow to do with him). But that's OK because of my hard run yesterday. ~360 calories burned.

was some more of the delicious wheat bread, topped with a little Smart Balance and an egg, made husband-style of semi-fried.

Also had a smoothie made with a new product we decided to try: Kefir. It's sort of like milk and yogurt mixed, but it's pretty much just like plain yogurt. But the consistency and pour-ability makes it perfect for smoothies. Don't get the flavored kinds though - they are FULL of sugar and are like 180 calories per cup - that's double what skim milk is! The plain is 120 per cup - the same as low-fat plain yogurt.

Here's my smoothie, made with banana, cantaloupe, blueberries, raspberries, flax and Kefir:

With coffee:

Total breakfast calories: ~550.

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Anonymous said...

I dislike Mondays as well...boo!