"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, October 24

Running in the Rain

Husband met me after work to go running in the fancy old Charlotte neighborhoods. Of course it decides to POUR down rain for the first time in months!! We had a great run, and boy was it good post-work stress relief!

I drove home soaking wet, took a warm shower, and had a filling dinner!! But my evening is sure shorter than normal :(

For dinner I decided to have the Kashi Black Bean Mango frozen entree that has been in our freezer for OVER A YEAR!! It's been through a move, power outages, and more, so I thought there was a good chance it was bad. I did have to scrape off a layer an inch thick of ice crystals, but the overall entree was OK - maybe because it had been upsidedown?

So after heating it up and picking out all 1,000 of the onions, I took one look at it and though "That is NOT worth 340 calories." Then I gave it a taste - YUM!!!! The sauce was great. I don't remember eating any mangoes, but I guess they were in the sauce because it was sweet and yummy. Lots of cilantro too. I bulked it up big time with spaghetti squash and zucchini and it ended up being a delicious filling dinner. I don't think I'll be getting another one of these, because I don't think it was worth 340 calories. You'd think they could add some more vegetables or something!? But I'd recommend it to mix with other low-cal things.

Mixed together with squash and zucchini (remember, we have HUGE Pottery Barn bowls...)

Total dinner calories: 441 (after some Kashi cracker nibbling when packing lunches and pear and cranberry bites)

Work snacks:

Yogurt with cranberry sauce and half a bag of pretzel snaps.

Then the other half.........

Then about 3 of these:

Please let this trail mix be gone soon!!!!!

Total Wednesday calories: 1634

-523 thru run and walk (amazing I slept in today and "missed" my workout!)

= net of 1110.

Might have a snack, not sure.

Wait till you see my lunch tomorrow!! Salmon salad with veggies....


Edited to add that I just had 4 saltines with some peanut butter in two little "sandwiches." It brought my net to 1226 EXACTLY!


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Brenda said...

Hi Kath, my favorite Kashi entree is the Southwest Chicken. I add more black beans to bulk it up. I think I may have that for lunch tomorrow :)