"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, October 23

Late Lunch!

Sorry for the late post - I forgot about lunch! It sure was delicious though! I think I had too much fiber....24 grams in lunch alone! Those millet chips are amazing, but they sure pack a lot into one serving (8 grams per oz - I had 1.5 ozs!) Yikes!! By the end of the day I'll be up to 57 grams.

Spaghetti squash
and leftover puttanesca sauce with chopped zucchini - YUM!!

Fiber-ific Sami's pita chips - they were soooo good!

Grapes and kiwi, which was a little gross for some reason. Not very flavorful:

And plain yogurt with cranberry sauce. What an amazing mix!! The texture and tartness of the cranberry sauce went beautifully with the thick, tangy yogurt. Mmmmm! I'll be making more of this sauce when it runs out!

And a special dessert treat - 4 dark chocolate discs:

Can you tell I loved my lunch today?!

The whole spread
for only 450 calories!

Here's my iced coffee from this morning. I also had 3 almonds and 2 peanuts at 11:00.

I brought in some Kashi Heart to Heart for snack today. I LOVE this cereal. It's got a great body to it. Yep, cereal can have body just like wine! Here is 3/4 a cup served with 1/2 cup of soymilk:

And of COURSE my hand made it into the trail mix box!

I also couldn't resist the Bojangles' sweet biscuits in the kitchen. I sliced off 1/8 of one and ate him on a whim. Gross trans-fats and I regret it - I didn't even enjoy it!

I swear it's cycle/hormone related that some days I think about food ALL DAY LONG and other days I could care less. Today I'm not starving in the "stomach growl" sense but in the "stomach pain" sense. I just want to eat! Maybe it's the too much fiber... or maybe my body is tired of losing weight again and I should up the calories a little more......

On to chicken fajitas and a tonic and lime as soon as I make it through Charlotte rush hour!


Elle said...

Hi Kath! I'm thinking of getting an HR monitor that counts calories...any recommendations? Do you like yours?

Oh and Pinkberry had pomegranate seeds today so I finally got to try them. They ARE good! I think they would have been better on their own, though...kind of over-powered by the yogurt.

Kath said...

Elle, I have a Polar F4, which is the least expensive calorie counting one. It was $80 at Target. It will do you just find, but if you've got more money to spend, I'd go ahead and get the F11 so you'll have more options down the road like splitting laps and stuff. But either would satisfy the need for a calorie counter, HRM, and stopwatch!