"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, October 26

Birthday Lunch

Husband brought in my favorite meal today: Roasted Root Vegetables with Lentils! Rosemary-roasted sweet potato, turnip, carrot over spaghetti squash and lentils topped with Fage.

What a strange birthday lunch request! We wanted to eat in a park or something, but this weather is so yucky and dreary that we ate in the work kitchen. It was an excellent lunch, but now I wish we'd gone out somewhere, which we didn't because we're going out tonight. Guess we made the right decision.

Pita Chips:

And apple slices:

Dessert! I split this with husband (I LOVE Snickers and NEVER, ever eat them! Also had a bite of dark chocolate. And a bite of cheese.

Total lunch calories: ~500 (That's with me leaving 1/4 of the veggies and the Fage for later)

Had a few nuts at 11:00 to tide my hunger for lunch. Now that the raspberries and chocolate parts are gone I'm eating the trail mix much slower!

Afternoon snack (debating having the rest of the veggies)

I've got about 1,000 calories left for dinner tonight if I don't eat my leftovers, 850 if I do - and that's maintenance calories too. That should get me a nice glass of wine, but not much on the food side, but I'm not too worried. I just know I have a BIG eating day tomorrow so I need to watch it today. Otherwise I'd say "It's my birthday" and eat more, but tomorrow is going to be more tempting, so I'm saving the splurges and say that tomorrow at Coldstones! I know I'm technically going to "gain" this weekend, but I'll just take it back off next week with 5 good days of healthy eating!

We'll see what happens when I get to dinner though :)


Elle said...

Hi Kath! Thanks for the kick in the butt (and the suggestions), you're right, it's really just not THAT hard. Can't wait to hear about the birthday celebrating!

mng355 said...

Hey Kath,

I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I wanted to tell you that I really like it. I actually keep one myself too! Will be reading it often! Keep up the good work!