"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Monday, October 1

Culinary Festival Report

So as I said yesterday, the culinary festival was an utter disaster, eating-wise. We had a late lunch, so we didn't really have much until after Alton Brown. Here's a photo of him walking through the crowds.

Showing off his tatoo:

And here's a photo recap of what I ate. Most of this stuff I only had 1-2 bites of, with the exception of the desserts, which I totally pigged out on, including eating 3+ cookies, peanut butter cheesecake (the cup with the strawberry), and the huge sweet bread log dipped in chocolate. Can you tell what my weakness is!? I also had more beer and wine than I'd like to have had, probably the equiv. of 2 drinks. And the worst part? This is only about 80% of what I ate - the rest I ate too fast to get a photo (including marzipan, cauliflower soup, fish with peppers, and perhaps a few other things?

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