"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, September 7


Husband brought up the most wonderful picnic for lunch!! We ate in Latta Park, my favorite lunch spot (except for the flies!):

On the buffet:
  • Pork and avocado sandwiches on homemade rye bread (small portions)
  • Apple slices and grapes
  • Veggies in a yogurt-dill dipping sauce
  • Kashi crackers (1/2 serving each)
  • Cottage cheese (1/2 a cup) with sugar-free jam and a tsp of Grape Nuts (yogurt AND cottage cheese for the husband!)
  • Dates - 1 for me, 3 for him

Here's the park. We went for a 20 minute walk after lunch.

My breakfast didn't hold me as long today for some reason. Perhaps the extra hard spin class? So I ended up having some almonds and raisins at 11:00.

Followed by some gum from my gum box:

Halfway through the workday until the weekend!!!

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