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Friday, September 7

Breakfast - and a Special Guest

I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm this morning - how annoying! But I had a great hour long spinning class. 450 calories burned and lots of sweat shed! Before my workout I had saltines and peanut butter again. This is such a good pre-workout snack! The PB holds my hunger and the saltines are fun to eat and sort of serve as carbs to burn off (but probably not as good as fresh fruit would). Note the handy-dandy food scale - essential in any healthy kitchen for accurate measurements of high-cal things like PB.

I'm boring - I had pumpkin oatmeal again since the leftover pumpkin is sitting in the fridge. I moved it from the can to a nice tupperware to make it more appealing. Every other time I've used pumpkin I just throw the can in there and it gets so unappealing!

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 banana
1 tbsp splenda
2 oz plain yogurt
7 grams Grape Nuts
Cinnamon and apple pie spice

NOTE: The plain yogurt REALLY improved the flavor and recipe. It added a bit of tangy-ness and improved the consistency.

Also had a cup of joe:

Husband wanted to make a special appearance to show his breakfast style, which is quite different from mine (he's more of an eggs + toast guy - or cereal when he's tired). Today he had leftover sausage-flavored soy crumbles formed into a patty topped with an egg and swiss cheese. He also made homemade bread yesterday (YUM!) and put it all over a slice of that. And he had a sliced apple! And coffee too.

See you at lunch!

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my breakfast looks like a face, going :0