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Friday, September 21

Redeeming Dinner

I did well at dinner and redeemed myself for too many calories earlier. Many superfoods were involved!

First we made Vegetable Pancakes with leftover zucchini and yellow squash. You can find the recipe here at a blog I follow by a weight watcher named Roni.

First we grated them in our handy Cuisinart food processor (yay wedding gifts!):

Then we salted them and put a colander over a bowl, lined with paper towels, and weighted down with a bunch of bowls (this draws out all the moisture):

Then we added 2 tbsp wheat flour (for about a cup of squash) plus 3 tbsp egg whites (= 1 egg) and salt and pepper some more to make a batter.

Formed the batter into little cakes and plopped into a hot pan. Here they are cooking:

And here's the finished product. They were quite delicious. Rather salty, but nice and battery. I'm sure we'll figure out some variations, but I would definitely make these again! They were 50 calories each.

For the rest of dinner I had leftover turkey breast, pan-warmed in a little pesto (110 calories):

5.5 oz of leftover butternut squash (that I made on Sunday for fun) heated in the microwave with cinnamon and 1 tsp brown sugar (75 calories):

And 3 celery sticks with hummus and hot sauce that I only ate two of because they were gross: (negligible calories)

All together:

It was a nice dinner for about 300 calories!

I also had a piece of husband's newest homemade bread loaf. Add 25 calories.

Friday total: 1800 calories.

-450 spin class (no walking today...)

= 1375 net. Not bad, all things considered!

I'm a little hungry, but I'm headed to bed!

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