"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Friday, September 21

One of These Things Does Not Belong

Take a good look at my work desk. Notice anything suspicious?

Yep, we had a Corona at work!!! First time since I've been here. Some of the guys brought some for our Creative Director's birthday (who isn't even here!). I totally couldn't say no because it's a special occasion - and it's work! I also had 2 Doritos - how out of character is that!? And a few grapes.

Guess I'll tack on another 175 calories to the already-too-high calorie allotment for the day! But you know, everything I had earlier today was healthy (well, the muffin samples might now have been superfoods, but they were made at an organic grocery store, so I know they're free of trans-fats!) Dinner should be healthy and vegetable-heavy : )

But why does it even matter!? (That's probably the beer talking.....)

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