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Saturday, September 8

Lovely Fall Morning

It's just like fall out there!! Whoo hoo!!

We're going up to our alma mater, Davidson College, tonight to have dinner with my college roommate and my sister, who is a student there. Dinners out are always dangerous, so I'm trying to plan my day accordingly.

Got up at 6:30, pittered around, had a small breakfast, and hit the gym for 35 minutes of elliptical, 10 minutes on the stairs, and 10 minutes lifting. 475 calories burned.

Pull-up report: I can do 1.75! I was hoping for 2, but I only made it 3/4 of the way up on the second one. They are so awkward. I'll try to aim for 3-4 over the next few weeks.

Pre-workout breakfast - 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 small banana, cinnamon, 3 puffins:

Post-workout breakfast. Husband always wants to make me eggs and I think I got sick of them last winter. But I knew I had to eat up this English muffin for breakfast (Trader Joe's whole wheat - tastes good and is good for you!), so I said OK to an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich. I had a side of frozen fruit, dethawed. And some coffee.

Breakfasts were rather large when combined (550 calories total) but I'm hoping to have a late lunch at 2pm and then dinner at 7pm with minimal snacks.

Off to the mall for a bit of shopping!

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Kirsten said...

That breakfast sandwich looks like it was worth every calorie. Mmm bacon... :) I'm excited to try those TJs Engl. muffins. I usually buy Oroweat which are twice as expensive and have 1g less of fiber. Have a great day!