"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Saturday, September 8

Shopping and Lunch

Shopping was a success. Got 2 skirts, a buttondown, a new bra (Oprah's kind), cropped jeans, a sleeveless shirt, and a new pair of nail clippers for $219. Not bad! I'm still a solid size 2 petite. And I felt really good about my body in the dressing rooms. Felt strong and fit :) Here are the two skirts (Ann Taylor Loft) with the purple button down in the background:

Lunch was leftover quinoa salad (the last of it!). The base was quinoa, oils, orange, cucumber, corn, peas, and maybe one other thing? And I added shredded carrot, 2 oz avocado, 1 oz turkey pastrami, and 1 tbsp chili-lime peanuts.

I also had half an orange:

And bite of biscotti (not pictured - sorry!)

I've eaten about 1050 calories today, which leaves me about 1000 for dinner. If I have a glass of wine and skip dessert, I'll be fine. If I have 2 glasses - or dessert - or bread, I'm in trouble. Eating out is HARD!

Off to dinner!

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Elle said...

Hi Kath! I must really love reading your new blog because I'm 15 minutes late to a BBQ and yet I'm still posting! Those sweet potato fries look SO good, but have you noticed that yams have a decently higher calorie count than actual sweet potatoes on CK? I struggle with this because it's really hard to find actual sweet potatoes (most grocery stores have yams), and actual sweet potatoes are just a very pale yellowish orange (not bright orange like yams) which makes me think they have less beta carotene. And, when people talk about "sweet potatoes" being so good for you, do they really mean sweet potatoes, or yams, or both? I know I'm totally OCD about this and it's a silly thing to worry about, but I think you understand my food hang-ups ;). What do you think?