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Saturday, September 29

Late Lunch

I love having late lunches on the weekends :) I finished my nutrition project (on the effects of almonds on health and weight) and did some cleaning. The house is perfect!

I rarely have canned soup, but I'm always looking for new kinds to keep on hand when I need them. I decided to try Amy's Light in Sodium Lentil. It was good!! One of the best canned soups I've had, mostly because it didn't have that horrible tomato-onion flavor that most do. I bulked it up with frozen green beans, okra (a natural soup thickener), and sugar snap peas. Yum!!

Also had a slice of homemade blue cornbread the husband made for his mom. It was quite delicious (not sweet but perfectly buttery) but as you can see, 100 calories is NOT very much at all!! I had another half portion of this.

Lastly, I had some plain yogurt with pomegranate seeds. I probably didn't need all of this food, but I like a little variety in lunch and prepared it before I could change my mind.

All together:

What's not pictured? About 75 calories worth (which is NOT much!!) of Halloween M&M's. The husband brought them home from his mother's house and they are hard to resist. I had 75 calories before I knew it - seemed more like it should be 25. Oh well!

Lunch calories: ~550

That brings me up to about 1,000 for the day, which leaves a good amount for the culinary festival. I'm hoping lunch keeps me full pretty long. There will be wine, food samples, and desserts at the festival. It's really a dieter's worst nightmare!! My goal is to take photos of everything I eat, which will keep me from putting everything handed to me in my mouth. I promise a report later on, but I don't know if it'll be good or bad!

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Elle said...

Hi Kath! Can't wait to hear about the culinary festival...sounds like a dangerously good time. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend!