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Thursday, September 6

I'm a Student!!

My nutrition course started tonight! It was SOOOO fun to be a student again. Walking across campus; having a new notebook; waiting for the professor to arrive. Unfortunately, 99% of the people in the class are nursing students who are "only taking it for my requirements." The professor asked when we'd gotten about 2/3 of the way through the class if anyone was taking it to learn about nutrition. I raised my hand - NERD ALERT!!! Seriously, I'm the ONLY person who wants to learn more.

Some of the people in the class were drinking soft drinks (not diet!) and eating candy bars and cheeseburgers. Now I hate to judge them, but at the same time I think the first day of a nutrition class that LAST thing I'd eat would be a candy bar with a side of full-sugar Sunkist! But I guess since they're just there for requirements, they just don't care.

I think the class itself is going to be really easy. We talked about portion control. Our homework assignment - get this - is to write down our food for a day and put it into the CD that came with our textbook, which is a Diet Analysis Program that will tell us how many calories to eat, how we're doing with food and exercise, etc. HOW COOL!!!! And I really wanted to raise my hand and say that I'd been writing down my foods for almost two years, but I didn't want to be the obnoxious nerd :) Our "final project" is to track THREE days worth of food and analyze it. My gosh, this class was built for me! I sure hope I actually learn some stuff! I think I will looking at the syllabus topics.

On to dinner - Since my lunch was huge, I made a salad and had some side dishes that were relatviely low in calorie but would be filling enough to last me through 9pm given that I had to eat at 5:15! Since lunch was big AND ended at 2:00, I wasn't really hungry at all, but I wasn't about to eat during class - even if it was a superfoods dinner! - so I ate my salad and yogurt. Then we got out of class an hour and a half early, and I made it home for a 30-minute walk with the husband!! Way to redeem myself on the exercise front! I ate my grapes and Kashi crackers (the other half of dinner) when I got back.

  • 1/8 cup kidney beans (leftovers)
  • 1 tbsp bean dip
  • baby romaine
  • cucumber
  • squash
  • green pepper
  • some champagne vinegar

On the side:
  • Kashi crackers (1/2 serving)
  • 15 grapes
  • 6 oz plain yogurt with 1 tsp raspberry jelly

Maybe I'll have pumpkin oatmeal again tomorrow!!

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