"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Thursday, September 6

Rafted Out!

White water rafting was so fun!! I got in the water twice, but not because I got tossed out of the raft - because our guide picked me up and threw me in the water and the second time because he decided to flip our whole raft!! I had a lot of fun though, but I got too much sun despite lots of sunscreen.

It started at 11, and I debated a snack because I was getting hungry, but decided I'd be happier without. Well, just like when I was at the beach, the second I started "moving," I was no longer hungry. So the next time you have a hunger craving, GO FOR A WALK!! I promise it'll take away the hunger.

I didn't end up eating lunch until 1:30pm! That's 7:30-1:30 with no food and no hunger. Strange!

Lunch was DELICIOUS!!!!!! And guess what - I overate. About 950 calories total. Ug!!!

Although I have no pictures, I'll recount:

-220 calorie wheat bun with a 4-5oz chicken breast (should have skipped the bun)
-Slice of pepperjack (totally couldn't taste it - what a waste!)
-1/8 cup baked beans
-1 3-inch corn on the cob, soaked in butter but shaken out
-a HUGE plate of fresh salad with 1 tsp or so of balsamic dressing
-2 pickles
-4 oz of sweet tea mixed with lots of water
-TWO slivers of key lime pie!! (<---- unacceptable to go back for a second sliver just because my first was small!!)

So I had the whole "I'm in maintenance" attitude and had a little of everything but the coleslaw (and chose chicken over a burger). But man I did NOT behave.

I think the worst part was that I didn't know there was pie coming so I took a little more lunch since I know I'm having a small dinner tonight. But then the pie arrived, and I regretted eating so much.

Guess I'll have a salad for dinner!

Gotta do some work from home. Will post dinner photos!

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