"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, September 5

I have readers!!!

I found out I have two readers! (Other than my mom!) Makes it all seem worthwhile.

Breakfast held me until 11:15 or so today. I had a cup of tea and 6 almonds to tide me over until noon:

My tea was gingerbread flavor, so I choose the Christmas mug to go along with the winter theme :)

Lunch was delicious!! And very fresh! I debated going to the park again today, but I thought it would be better to heat my sandwich and I had no water bottle and didn't want to take a soda again. I got to the work kitchen to find a bunch of people having pizza on the tables, so I ate at my desk.

  • Whole wheat bun with 1.5 oz turkey, 3/4 oz avocado, cucumber, green pepper, and mustard, toasted
  • A cup of raw veggies (squash, bell pepper and cucumber) with a homemade yogurt-dill dipping sauce (I just mixed dried dill in with an ounce or two of plain yogurt and added a little salt - it was fabulous!)
  • A Fage 0% yogurt (I forgot how wonderful these are!)
  • And a cup of watermelon, grapes, and pomegranate seeds, which I ended up saving for after my walk for a refreshing snack
Got in a 40-minute walk. Talked to husband, sister, and mom on the cell phone. What a great way to kill 40 minutes! It was quite hot, and my tennis shoes looked particularly dorky with my navy skirt, but I survived. Another 150 calories burned! That gets me up to 525 for the day.

That's all folks!!

Dinner tonight is homemade pizza - husband is rising the dough right now!


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