"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, September 5

Two Breakfasts

Had some peanut butter (all natural organic) over 5 saltines before my workout this morning. They were quite delicious! I didn't think it would take away my morning hunger, but they sure did!

Workout was 30 sweaty minutes on the stairmaster, 6 minutes biking and 15 minutes upper body lifting with the husband. Does anyone find it strange that he and I lift the same amount? The only one he does heavier is chest - but my chest is bigger than his - get it!?

Breakfast was 3 kinds of cereal (shredded wheat, peanut butter puffins, and fiber one) with some frozen blackberries that I defrosted, which turned my milk purple!, and a small banana. Yum! And some French vanilla coffee on the side. Not nearly as good as my latte yesterday though.

Last night I did end up having a cup of watermelon and a handful of peanut butter puffins, raising my daily calories to 1900. Just 100 short of my upper target.

Until lunch!


Becca said...

Can you do any pull ups?

Kath said...

Hmmmm. Good question! I haven't tried in a while, but I used to be able to do 2. I'll have to get back to you on that!

Becca said...

My goal is to be able to do at least one, but I have yet to achieve it. I've been doing reverse pull ups and jumping pull ups, and I think I'm getting a little closer. I thought that if you could lift as much as a man maybe you could do pull ups too.