"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Tuesday, September 18

Gourmet Evening

We created the most amazing dinner for my mother in law tonight. Pork, bleu cheese, and date homemade whole wheat ravoili over sauteed collard greens with bacon, date, and bleu cheese. (See a carry-through of flavors here!?)

Oh my gosh it was delicious!!
  1. First we pan-fried 3 slices of bacon that were chopped into bits so they got nice and crispy.
  2. Then we added a HUGE bunch of chopped collards to the bacon fat and let them reduce.
  3. Then we added 2 chopped dates - which steamed their sweetness throughout the whole dish!
  4. We then plated the greens and dates, topped it with the crumbled bacon, and topped that with 4-5 of the homemade raviolis and then topped that with a bit of bleu cheese.
I was so excited to eat it I forgot to take a picture!! Here's mine after one of the raviolis is gone (I had 4 at 60 calories each) and a few bites of collards:

Also had two 3-oz glasses of wine:

After dinner I was still lower on calories so I had a Sugar-Free Chocolate pudding with 12 raspberries and a sprinkle of high fiber cereal:

It totally hit the spot : )

Dinner + Dessert: ~600 calories (would be better without 150 in wine)

Day total: 1743 calories

-430 thru exercise

= 1313 net.

OK with me!

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