"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Wednesday, September 19

Bananas Foster Breakfast

Seriously, my oatmeal pancake today tasted JUST like bananas foster!!

Got up at 5am as usual and changed it up this morning: applesauce (unsweetened of course) topped with a bit of Life cereal:

I was sore for my workout this morning due to yesterday's lunges and squats, so I was a little slow moving. Elliptical, stat bike and 30 minutes on the stairmaster, followed by a bit of stretching and abs, led to 375 calories burned.

Now on to the good stuff!

I was inspired by my friend Chelsea from Calorie King to mash a banana into my oatmeal pancake batter. I saved the other half of the mashed banana for the top. I also drizzled on a bit of real maple syrup and cinnamon. The result? Bananas foster. Seriously. It was the best pancake I've ever made!! I also burned it a little with too high heat, which actually really contributed to the BF flavor.

Also had 6 oz plain yogurt topped with a small peach and some Fiber One for some more fiber!

Annnnndddd.....the usual cup of joe:

All together:

Breakfast calories: 485.

I really wish I could hang out with my darling husband today, who is wearing his first fleece of the season and looks so cute this morning! Plus, the sun is shining the perfect Fall shadows into the living room. I do NOT want to go sit in an office!!

Lunch today is catered by Roly Poly since we have a diversity council seminar. Luckily, we got to place or own orders since it's a small group, so I requested a turkey, avocado and pineapple small whole wheat wrap with about 6 different vegetables. I'm bringing an apple and a few millet and flax chips for a supplement and a bag of raw veggies with hummus for snack. I also have a yogurt and cottage cheese in the fridge, which I might snack on.

Dinner tonight: homemade pizzas! I'm SO excited but know I need to save up some calories since I can't walk at lunch.


your husband said...

I think a banana jumped off a tall building onto your plate.

Chelsea said...

Ooooh-I got a mention on the blog! I try to stop by every once and awhile. I love hearing about the food but I miss dearly the life updates!