"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." -Michael Pollan

Sunday, September 9


Today is the first day in a looooong time I have done ZERO form of exercise. Even on my days off from formal exercise I try to go on at least a 30 minute walk. Not today. I didn't feel like it and thought I deserved a day to lounge around! I'll be back at it at 4:50am tomorrow, so no worries.

Did too much snacking today. My whole body is off for some reason and I went from starving to not hungry to stomach pains all afternoon! Strange! (And part of the reason exercise was unappealing).

I had a few nibbles of things this afternoon - puffins, Kashi crackers, peanuts, grapes. Probably totaled about 50-75 calories.

Then I had a glass of wine before dinner. 4 oz : )

Dinner was husband's pork, date, and Roquefort raviolis:

They were 60 calories each, so I only had 5. We served them over sauteed spinach (who knew such a HUGE bunch would turn out so small!) topped with carrots cooked with garlic, ginger and honey and a bit of pickled ginger on top that I found at the grocery store this morning. It was quite a delicious dinner! The ravioli were nice and dough-y for me and the filling was divine. It was the perfect example of a meal we just "invent" rather than using a recipe. We rarely use cookbooks these days!

I'm doing my best to not think about dessert. Calories are set at 1600 and I'd like them to stay there!

Hoping to have a hard workout tomorrow morning followed by a full day of healthful eating!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a reader...it's meggers from ck...hope class goes well for you this week. How exciting! :)